Galvanized Steel Flange

Production Detail Hot-dip galvanized flange is a kind of flange with good corrosion resistance. It can be made into the molten zinc solution at about 500 C after the flange is formed and rusted, so that the surface of steel components is adhered to zinc layer, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion. Specification
Product name Galvanized Steel Flange / Hot Dipped Galvanized Flange
Type WN, SO, PL, BL, SW, THRD, LJ, Spectacle Blind
Standard ASME, MSS, JIS, EN, GB, DIN, BS, etc.
Material Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel
Pressure 150#-2500#, PN6-PN40, 5K-16K
Size 1/2'' - 80''
Delivery Time Within 7-15 working days after payment

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